Active Shielding

Patented, state-of-the-art active shielding that enables field control and cancellation

Active Shielding

Patented, state-of-the-art active shielding enables field control and cancellation over large volumes of up to 1m^3, giving your product or experiment enhanced versatility and performance.

Cylindrical or Square Geometries

Choose between an array of electromagnetic coils for flat surface mounting or cylindrical coils printed on flexible PCB material.

MuRoom Active Shielding

The inclusion of electromagnetic coils in the MuRoom construction allows high-fidelity control of residual fields and their variation over space inside the magnetically shielded room, with fields below 1nT; a shielding factor of over 50,000. This shielding facilitates the perfect environment for an OPM-MEG system, with MSL’s active shielding contributing to the world’s first wearable functional brain scanner that enables the participant to move their head whilst being scanned.

Active Shielding Applications

Magnetic Shields have active cancellation solutions optimised for a range of magnetic shields, shields that are used in quantum computing, MEG, gravity sensors and the development of optically-pumped magnetometers.

Magnetic Shields Electronics division design and manufacture all components to ensure the quality and reliability of any system with the capacity to supply custom-designed and built electronics to meet the needs of any application.
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