In-house design and manufacturing ensures magnetic shielding performance and quality

Shield Design

Magnetic Shields Ltd have the facilities and capability to design, model and simulate a shield to meet your requirements and specification.

End-to-End Engineering

Our experienced team can step in at any stage in the development process to engineer a solution to the challenge your design faces. Whether it's at the specification stage or in prototype testing, we can help.

Design Process

If you later stage design and know the specification of the shield required, all we require is the drawings for your shield, customer drawings and models can be accepted in a wide range of formats; DXF, DWG, IDW, IPT, IAM, STEP, SAT and IGES to name a few.

If however you're faced with a shielding challenge at the early stages of a design, by consulting with one of our specialists, we can assist the engineering and will be able to consider such things as functionality, structural integrity, economic viability, test and quality requirements and any special considerations you may have.

We request that as much detail as possible is given about your shielding needs, so that, using our state-of-the-art 3D modeling software, we can design and create the perfect shield.

Design and Manufacture

Information we require in order to design and manufacture a shield includes:
  • Magnetic properties; such as field strength/frequency requiring shielding from, or required level of attenuation. If the magnetic environment has yet to be surveyed, we have a specialist magnetic environment survey team to record and document the field strengths and gradients.
  • Geometry; such as specific dimensions, will it be used inside a device of known size?
  • Appearance; do you require a painted/plated finish on your shield? We also polish shields where required
  • Service conditions; will the shield be subject to stress? Will the shield be put under thermal constraints? Is corrosion a potential factor? Do you require a shield with specific mechanical properties?
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