Guaranteed quality and performance using state-of-the-art testing and inspection facilites

Testing Equipment

All shields undergo rigorous inspection processes using state-of-the-art equipment such as:
  • Hexagon 3D Scanning and Probe Absolute Arm. Capable of <2.5m XYZ measurement range, up to 0.2mm tolerances.
  • OGP 332 Smart Scope Optical Scanning and Probe Machine. Capable of 0.05mm measuring tolerance     for parts up to 300x300x250mm.
  • All machines generate fully customisable and extensive reports tailored to customer requirements

3-Axis Helmholtz Coils

MSL provides magnetic testing within 3-axis Helmholtz coils situated inside our on-site magnetically shielded room. This allows us to remove the influence of Earth’s field while generating a known, uniform field from 0 – 1mT and 0 – 1KHz across all 3 x, y & z axes. The residual field inside the shield is measured with a Bartington Mag-13 fluxgate magnetometer to determine shielding factor.

Large Shield Testing

When the shield geometry does not permit testing with a magnetometer, MSL can supply witness pieces from the same material batch and heat treatment, and carry out an indicative permeability test upon these parts.
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